Online Division Instructions


  • By registering your child or yourself to participate in the Online Division Performance Evaluations, you, the parent or guardian, release any and all rights to UMTA and authorize UMTA to upload your child’s recorded performance to UMTA’s website, Facebook page, Instagram, and/or YouTube channel for recital and recognition purposes.
  • Please fill out the registration form completely and accurately. Double-check spelling on students’ names for accuracy in printing certificates. 
  • Please send only ONE CHECK PER STUDIO. Make checks payable to UMTA please, NOT your local chapter. 
  • PLEASE remind/notify your students and parents that there are NO refunds for cancellations or no-shows. 
  • Adhere to all registration deadlines. See our registration guidelines for additional details. Region chairpersons need ample time to schedule the evaluations and communicate with teachers. 
  • Up to 20 percent of performers in each age division will be selected to perform in the UMTA State Honors Recitals October 14-15 in Midvale, UT. Please keep this date in mind as you communicate information to your participating students. 
  • This division is for piano entries only. Instrumental (non-piano) and vocal entries are accepted in an Instrumental and Vocal region and are judged separately.  


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Registration must be postmarked by Monday, October 2, 2023. No exceptions. 

VIDEOS UPLOADED/LINKS TO VIDEOS: Student videos must be uploaded to YouTube and you must send the links to the videos to by October 11, 2023. No exceptions.


Piano K-12 Solo, Duet, Ensemble $12
Piano Collegiate and Adult Solo, Duet, Ensemble $15
Instrumental and Vocal Solo, Duet, Ensemble $15
Entry Fees for students of active UMTA Teachers

Students of non-UMTA Teachers are invited to participate for $30 per registration. To learn more about UMTA, please visit Join UMTA and MTNA.


  • Solo Division: 1 or 2 pieces. Memorization is encouraged, but not required. All entries should be high performance quality. If the piece is unmemorized, an original copy must be used by the student and a second original copy must be available for the judge. 
  • Duet entries are allowed and may also consist of 1 or 2 pieces. The division entered is determined by the average of the student’s ages rounded down. Original music is required for the judges, and if the duet is not memorized the performers must also use original music. Duets do not have to be memorized to be duly considered for the state honors recital.
  • Two piano duets are eligible this year. Please contact your region chair for more information on how to enter this division. No piano concertos will be accepted. Your region may not have two pianos available, and you may need to enter the online division. Please plan accordingly.
  • Instrumental and vocal entries are accepted and are judged separately. 
AgeRepertoire GuidelineTotal Time Limit
K-3, 4-6, 7-9
Any style and composer including arrangements7 minutes
Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary Repertoire (no arrangements)10 minutes
College & AdultBaroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary Repertoire (no arrangements)10 minutes
Repertoire Guidelines and Time Limits


Please print, fill out completely and return the following form with 1 check per studio to your Region Chair; Cost of entry is $12 for K-12 Piano Solo, Duet, and Ensemble, and $15 for adult/collegiate piano solo, duet, ensemble, and Instrumental and Vocal entries. Please note that the price is the same for a duet entry as it is for a solo entry (don’t pay the fee twice). Please make an effort to write as legibly as possible.

Mail completed registration forms and ONE check per studio (payable to UMTA) to:

Risha Russon
2230 S. 150 W.
Clearfield, UT 84015