Instructions for Participants

Performance Evaluation Goals:

The Utah Music Teachers Association’s annual Performance Evaluations is a valuable performance opportunity and a chance for students to receive expert feedback from a well-qualified judge.  A number of noteworthy performances are selected to participate in the UMTA State Honors Recitals. This is an opportunity for students to present their best work.

General Instructions

Students should dress appropriately for an adjudicated performance. Concert Dress

Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time. Only the student and judge will be allowed in the room during the evaluation.  Students should wait while the judge finishes their comments before leaving the room.   

Students need to bring the original music. Photocopies are prohibited by law. For the online region, no music needs to be made available to the judge.   

Original music for the adjudicator must have the measures numbered on the top left side of each measure. 

Ensembles are allowed to use their score and need to provide another original score for the judge. 

Two piano works are allowed for the this year. Piano duets will be judged separately from solos. Duets are entered by taking the average of the student’s ages and rounding down. For example, if one student is 9 and another is 12 then (9+12)/2=10.5. This is then rounded down to 10. The duet would be entered into the K-6 category.

Students must bring printed adjudication forms with them to the evaluation.

Repertoire Guidelines and Time Limits

If a student exceeds the time limit he/she may be stopped during the performance.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to see that each student stays within the time limits shown in the table below.

AgeRepertoire GuidelineTotal Time Limit
K-3, 4-6, 7-9
Any style and composer including arrangements7 minutes
Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary Repertoire (no arrangements)10 minutes
College & AdultBaroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary Repertoire (no arrangements)10 minutes

Please contact your region chair if there are spelling or other errors on the student schedule. 

At the end of the last day of auditions, adjudicators will select students who qualify to perform in the Honors recitals. The 2023 Honors Recital will be held Oct 27-28 at Daynes Music in Midvale, UT. The judge may select up to 20 percent of entries for each age group in the region.

The list of selected students to play at the State Recital will be available within 3-5 days of the completion of your region’s evaluations. The Region Chairperson will notify teachers by email or phone of the results so that teachers can inform their students.   

Your Region Chairperson will contact your teacher with information about the recitals. Please note that the honors recital schedule will not be available until all regions have completed their evaluations.  

The judge’s comments will be available within a few days. The Region chairperson will make arrangements to deliver your student(s)’ judge evaluations.