Region Chair Information

Dear Region Chairs:

Thank you for accepting a region chairperson position for Performance Evaluations. You are vital to the success of this program that gives students an adjudicated performance opportunity. We appreciate the work that you will do and have already done to see this event succeed in your region. 

The deadlines and dates on the following pages are very important to make sure everything runs on time.  Utilizing the check boxes will help you to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Choose your one adjudicator wisely. Please make sure that person has at least a master’s degree in music and will write a sufficient number of comments to be helpful.  Merely writing “good job” does not provide for a meaningful evaluation experience.

Remember to keep your receipts of expenses related to Performance Evaluations that you will need to have reimbursed. Send them all to us with reimbursement request forms filled out and we will pass them on to the state treasurer.

There is quite a bit of information here and so the last page is a good summary of the main points for a quick overview. Please access the document with the button above.

Thank you!


Risha Russon
Performance Evaluations Chair
Utah Music Teachers Association
Clearfield, UT