Quick Reference

Thank you for all of your fine work on your region’s Performance Evaluations. Without you, none of this would be possible. What a wonderful opportunity we have to enrich student learning experiences by facilitating feedback from qualified judges! This document contains reminders of the steps you need to take before your Performance Evaluation date. Forms you will need may be found on the utahmta.org website under Student Programs and UMTA Performance Evaluations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification on anything. The exact link for the UMTA Performance Evaluations website can be found at the bottom of this document. 

Within a few days of registration deadline:

  1. Verify each teacher is a member of UMTA. If they are not, contact the teacher and see if they have questions about UMTA.
  2. E-mail a list of the participating teachers and student’s names (along with level, solo or duet, and piece(s) to be performed) to myself at performance.evaluations.umta@gmail.com and Shawn Bastian at shawn.design.music@gmail.com. Please include the following information
  • Teacher Name
  • Student Name(s)
  • Level
  • Solo or Duet
  • Piece(s) and composers that will be performed.
  • Region’s performance date (this is essential so that certificates can be sent to you on time)

Shawn does a great job making our certificates each year. She prefers Excel or Word. If you can, please send them to her in this format. Please  so she can make the certificates. Please include your region’s performance date so Shawn knows the deadline of when you need the certificates. On the evaluation day, please have your room monitor hand each performer their certificate as they exit the evaluation room.

  1. Create a schedule for your evaluations day. Assign each student a number. Judges should not see performer names or any other identifying information. Everything should be recorded using the student’s assigned number.
  2. MAIL the following to me within 5 days of your registration deadline: (Mail to Risha Russon. Please check your emails for my mailing address.
  • Student fees (1 check per teacher)
  • Teacher Registration papers (please make copies and retain copies of these on your end)
  • Region Cover Form: Check to be sure fees match the number of students enrolled
  • A copy of the judging schedule you have made

Communicating with your teachers:

  1. Be sure each teacher has a copy of the Instructions for Teachers and Participants. You may fill out the top part and send this along with the performance schedule you created to each teacher.
  2. Remind teachers of the importance of bringing an adjudicator form with their original music (measures numbered) to the performance evaluations. Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time. Teachers should not write students’ names on form or music. They should use only the student’s assigned number.
  3. Remind teachers that the judge’s comments will be sent to them in a few days and notification will be made about the selected students for Honors Recitals to those teachers who have students involved.
  4. The Instructions for Teachers and Participants should answer most of their other questions.

Communicating with your adjudicator:

  1. Send the form Instructions for Adjudicators to your judge about 1 week prior to your evaluations. 
  2. Reiterate the importance of making students feel comfortable and at ease and to write as many positive and helpful comments as they possibly can. Focus on quality of the performance rather than the material selected.
  3. Ask the judge if they would like any snacks provided, or if the judging time is lengthy, a meal should be offered. (Keep receipts and add to your region chairperson’s expenses.)
  4. Remind the judge that at the end of the Evaluations that they may select up to 20 percent of the total number of students who have auditioned from each category and level to be recommended for the Honors Recitals. (You will have this form ready at the evaluations for the judge to fill out. See below.)
  5. At the end of evaluations the judge must fill out and sign the request form for payment. Payment cannot be made until the form is filled out and signed.
  6. The Judge’s payment will be mailed by the State Treasurer within a month following the evaluations

During and After the Evaluations:

  1. Post a short biography of the adjudicator at the evaluations location so that parents and students may read it if they wish. 
  2. Set up early and have the space ready. Check the piano, bench, and have a writing surface available for the adjudicator.
  3. Have extra judging forms and writing utensils ready (printed from the website), in case students forget theirs.
  4. Have the performance schedule available for both judge and monitor.
  5. Print out the Judge’s Nominating Form and the Judge’s Check Request Form. Both of these forms should be completed by the judge before he/she leaves the judging area at the end of the evaluations.
  6. Be on-time. Keep to the schedule as much as possible. 
  7. Collect all judging forms and paperwork at the end of the evaluations.
  8. Following the evaluations, mail adjudication forms to teachers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so they can have them to go over with their students. You should also let the teacher know if their student(s) qualified for the Honors Recitals. (State Chairman will be in touch with the specifics on the recitals.) 
  9. E-mail all judge’s nominations to State Chairman: performance.evaluations.umta@gmail.com Send the following asap:
  • Student’s name
  • Title of selected piece
  • Composer
  • Time
  • Level
  • Solo/Duet
  • Teacher name
  1. MAIL to State Chair
  • Honors Recital Nomination Form
  • Judge’s Check Request Form
  • Your own Reimbursement Form (mailing, snacks, copying, etc.) This form is fillable and can be emailed to the region chair along with all receipts. Please keep a copy, scan, or photograph of everything for your records. Include all receipts.

Thank you for all your hard work! These evaluations are incredibly valuable to teachers and students throughout the state and fill a need to have a quality performing experience for all ability levels.

Please contact the State Chair if you have any questions